saliro - we connect businesses with the needs of their customers

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saliro is:

A White Label Solution for BIG DATA Marketing, Customer Experience & Retention

Personalized marketing offers
Based on data and knowledge about the customer, purchasing behavior, preferences and habits.

Bi-directional communication
System for providing of optimal bi-directional communication channel between businesses and their customers.

Tool for collecting and analysis of real-time data, which gives great possibilities for interaction between businesses and customers.

White label platform
Development and conducting of complex multi-layered marketing strategy for long term market presence and advertising of product and services.

Multi-channel marketing
Push notifications
Email & SMS messaging
Online remote content injection
User profiling
Information streams management

Build a Mobile App, NO coding
Build your app in under 5 minutes.
Your business in the hands of your users
Live feedback on the go from customers
Increased revenue & retention with a digitized loyalty program


  • create marketing strategies
  • personalized marketing campaigns
  • multi-channel marketing information stream

We aim to

  • Improve clients interest and activity leading to higher recurring rates
  • Increase sales, turnover and profits
  • Help the referral of new customers by the existing ones
  • Improve the communication between the marketing departments and their target groups